CPA Salary In 2011

Before starting to discuss the CPA Salary 2011, it is better to look into some major points of the profession. A CPA (certified public accountant), is a financial expert who has received this official certification by passing the 4-part examination of the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) usually administered by the state board. Every state’s Board of Accountancy manages the licensing and necessary education of CPAs.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics announced the news that the job increment in CPA salary 2011the accounting field of study is expected to increase by twenty two percent from 2007 to 2017 that means that job increment in accounting will override the increment in the whole job market. Within that twenty two percent job growth, job growth for certified public accountants is expected to be the quickest growing segment—the forefront within the leading field of study. Of the CPAs reporting their salaries to Pay Scale, six thousand eight hundred eighty reported their years of experience. Starting CPA Salary 2011 for those with below 1 year of work experience–earn mean salaries starting from thirty eight thousand four hundred sixty eight dollars to fifty two thousand nine hundred sixty seven dollars ($38,468 – $52,967) per annum.

For the most part CPAs reported taking a base salary, bonuses, commissions and profit sharing. The mean base salary starts from forty eight thousand six hundred seventy dollars to seventy thousand nine hundred dollars per year ($48,670 – $70,900) for those in the 25th % to 75th %. Mean bonuses start from one thousand five hundred dollars to five thousand two hundred dollars per year ($1,500 – $5,200), and mean profit sharing starts from one thousand five hundred dollars to five thousand dollars per year ($1,500 – $5,000). Mean commissions start from five hundred seventy dollars to five thousand one hundred per year ($570 – $5,100). The total mean compensation for certified public accountants is fifty thousand dollars to seventy five thousand dollars per year ($50,000 – $75,000).

CPA Salary 2011 Guide At-A-Glance

A certified public accountant salary is pretty hard to beat. New manufacturing, more complicated technologies and expanding chances for the business add up to better advantages for CPAs. High demand for certified public accountants means career security and stability, improved salaries and a stable upward growth. Just pay a look at the mean wages for college graduates in private and public accounting. To observe what you are able to get with CPA certification, put in around ten to fifteen percent additional to the mean starting salaries. Please look at the following data

Employer Junior Level & Senior Level
(Zero-three yrs.) & (Four – six yrs.)

Large firm (Public Accounting) $52,000- $74,500; $73,750- $170,250
Medium firm (Public Accounting) $45,270- $65,500; $64,010- $145,100
Small firm (Public Accounting) $42,500- $59,250; $57,500- $119,500
Large co. (Corporate Accounting –
General Accountant) $39,500- $60,500; $59,250- $110,000
Medium co. (Corporate Accounting –
General Accountant) $38,500- $57,500; $55,750- $86,500
Small co. (Corporate Accounting –
General Accountant) $36,000- $52,000; $48,750- $77,500

Serious salary potential over time offers certified public accountants an immense job security. Below are some examples of higher-level CPA Salary 2011for managers in corporate accounting including:

Large organizations & Small to Medium organizations

Director of Finance $123,250- $204,000; $89,250- $145,250
Corporate Controller $127,500- $209,750; $82,750- $140,750
Chief Financial Officer $ 190,750- $398,500; $96,250- $189,250

CPA Salary 2011 By Industry

CPAs are able to work in a range of industries, and a number of employers necessitate this certification for managerial status accounting occupations, for example, controllers, accounting and financial management occupations. In the distribution and manufacturing industry, mean wages start from forty nine thousand to sixty two thousand dollars ($49,00 – $62,000) per annum. Certified Public Accountants working for public accounting organizations receive mean salaries starting from forty eight thousand dollars to sixty eight thousand dollars ($48,000 – $68,000) per annum . Taking into consideration the above mentioned facts the CPA Salary 2011 can be considered as one of the best occupations that earn an excellent salary.

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