CPA Salary 2012

Studies have shown that the CPA salary 2012 will continue to improve, and professionals are offered one of the highest paying careers when they enter this field. Particular salaries depend on a number of factors, but this career enables professionals to earn at least $40,000 per year. This is an entry level salary in the lowest paying geographical areas. The factors that are essential in determining the amount of money that a person will earn are the employer, years of experience and the city where a professional works.

Experience Factor CPA Salary 2012

Experience is the chief factor that affects the amount that any professional will earn, and the CPA salary 2012 is dependent on this as well. Entry level earnings will be in the range of $45,000 yearly in 2012, and this amount will go up depending on the amount of experience an individual has. Accountants, who have been working in the field for a minimum of one year, will earn close to $50,000 per year. The second level of experienceCPA at desk that is usually used to classify a professional accountant is five to nine years. Earning for those who have this time in the field will earn close to $60,000 per year. Those who have up to 19 years of experience in the accounting field can earn salaries of over $70,000 yearly. Accountants, who have been working professionally for over 20 years, will earn $79,038 average in the 2012 year.

Employers vary with the amount they will pay for a CPA salary 2012, and there are several career options that are open to people who have this professional licensure. Accountants often work for themselves and are able to set their own hours. These professionals earn, on average, $60,095 per year, and they also receive numerous benefits that are related to owning their own business. Large corporations are another employer of CPA’s, and they will pay their employees an average of $55,300 for the coming year. Schools and education districts are the most rewarding areas for a person who works as an accountant, and they pay their employees an average of $76,892 per year. The federal government is the second best paying employer, and they reward their accountants with an average salary of $66,650. Franchises are another industry that routinely hires professional CPA’s, and they will pay an average of $55,000 for their accountant’s salaries in 2012. Hospitals and non-profit organizations pay their workers about the same, and a person who works for one of these providers will notice their salaries for the 2012 year to be in the neighborhood of $52,000.

Geographical Factors CPA Salary 2012

Geographical areas are another issue that affects the amount that anyone will earn, and this is true for those who have been licensed as a CPA. The CPA salary 2012 will vary with particular cities that a person works in, and New York, New York is the highest paying area in the entire country. Accountants who work in this city will earn an annual average of $63,294 in the coming year. The second best paying city is another burgeoning metropolis, and Chicago, Illinois accountants will notice their salaries to be $61,755 for the 2012 year. Los Angeles, California is a close third to these two cities, and professionals will receive compensation in the range of $60,225 in the next year. Houston, Texas is another good city for an accountant to live, and professionals will notice their earnings to average $60,167 this year. Accountants can also expect good wages when they live in Atlanta, Georgia, and the salaries here will be about $54,973.

Accountants can also rely on a number of other perks that are not included in the salary numbers, and this will actually make their pay higher than the averages that have been depicted above. Life insurance and disability are some of the benefits that are offered to anyone who works with a major company or a government organization. This can add several thousand dollars to the yearly salary. Most firms also reward their employees with a 401(k) program, and this will also contribute to the overall earnings of a professional accountant. This job is one of the most rewarding careers, and professionals can easily enter this field with a four year college degree. The entry level CPA salary 2012 will average $45,000 for this year, and this does not include all of the perks that are included with most employers.

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CPA Salaries – How Much Does A CPA Make?

Asking about CPA salaries is a valid question to ask, especially by those who are considering pursuing accounting degrees. After all, their whole lives will surely be affected by their career choice, which is why it never hurts to think about their options even before they actually become certified public accountants. This article will serve as an unofficial CPA salary guide for you to know how much CPA salaries are, at least on average.

Difference between an accountant’s salary and CPA salaries

What’s great about this profession is that there will always be a demand for accountants, regardless of what the industry is. It is in fact one of the most stable and in-demand careers out there, especially since there seems to be a permanent shortage when it comes to this profession.

As several surveys have shown, accountants that have gotten their certification have reported receiving substantially higher salaries compared to those who don’t. As such, making the extra effort to get the certification will pay off in the end, with even beginning CPAs receiving $10,000 more than those who aren’t certified. Senior CPAs can even demand practically twice the same amount that the accountants without certification are making. However, on average, CPAs are known to get 10% more than those without certification.

How Much are the Starting CPA Salaries?

As you probably know, certified public accountants are some of the most highly paid people out there, and even those who have just freshly graduated and gotten their certifications are eligible to ask for a hefty pay check. Starting CPAs can have an average salary between $39,400 to $51,000 annually. However, this number is somewhat relative, as the amount may or may not include commissions, profit sharing, and other sources for compensation.

CPA Salaries

How Much is the Salary of  a Senior Certified Public Accountant?

Senior certified public accountants get the best part of the deal, as they are the ones who can actually demand a large pay check. For example, those who are at the senior level (that is, CPA’s who have 4 to 6 years of experience) can command any amount between $47,750 to $75,500 annually if they’re working for a small company, and $69,750 $167,250 annually if they’re working for large firms. Officers, such as the Chief Financial Officer, can demand for almost $400,000 annually if they’re part of large corporations, while those who are working for smaller organizations can demand as much as $182,250. On the other hand, the Corporate Controller can demand between $81,750 to $138,750 for small to medium-sized companies, or $125,500 to $206,750, if they’re from large companies.

Do note that accountants, like other professions, may get behind in terms of salaries the longer they stay with the company. As such, accountants who want to earn bigger pay checks usually jump to other companies instead of staying with their old one. Alternatively, you can also get further education to help make demands for higher salaries from the firm that you’re working for.

Certainly, the amount of CPA salaries will ultimately depend on how much the CPA firms will be giving their employees. The amount of experience and the level of education can also impact how much you will be getting in this line of profession. The geographic location and revenue of the employer may also affect the amount of salaries given to employees. Even so, this article can be used as a guide to give you a rough idea on how much a certified public accountant earns to help you determine whether this is a good career choice for you or not, or if you want to find out if you’re getting the amount of money that you should be earning given your experience and training.

Check out this awesome video that discusses CPA salaries in depth.

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